We start with an ASSESSMENT. An assessment takes into account information gathered from family members as well as from the older adult. It includes an in-person evaluation of the older adults abilities, strengths and needs. We identify problems and offer solutions.

After gathering information from family members we go into the seniors home to evaluate the present living situation plus identify and clarify problems.

We are then able to design a long and short term care plan tailored to individual situations. Our care plan offers suggestions and solutions. We look at the overall situation considering the needs of everyone involved. These needs generally, but not always involve issues the following six areas:

The Physical Home

We know you want your family member to enjoy the rest of their years in a safe and meaningful way. We evaluate and address the PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT:

  • Identify fire and safety hazards
  • Arrange for home modification, repair and clean up
  • Suggest ways to reduce the risk of falls
  • Arrange for the purchase of medical equipment and supplies
  • Arrange for purchase of food, clothing and home furnishing
  • Suggest free or low cost community resources
  • Provide consumer education
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