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Q: Should I move my mom into an assisted or independent living facility?

A: These terms are not regulated. You need to visit the facility to see what services are available and assess the living-environment. We have had a fair amount of experience with these facilities in the NY area and we will share our opinions with you. We could visit different facilities for you or with you and help you decide which one would be best for your parent.

Q: How do I know which facility is best for my mom?

A: There are many factors to consider when choosing a facility, such as: finding an environment in which the senior will be comfortable. Location is very important also. Is there a facility close to where you live so you can visit easily? What services are included in the price you are quoted? Is the facility large or small? What kind of activities do they provide? Each facility has its own personality; you need to visit a few and see which one is the best fit for your parent.

Q: Should I move my mom into a nursing home?

A: Most people do not realize that it is quite hard to get a senior into a nursing home if there is no medical need. It is very difficult to place a senior with only custodial needs in a nursing home.

Q: I want my mom to be safe and well cared for; isn't a nursing home the best place for this?

A: There are times when nursing home placement is the best option. We believe that, most times, a nursing home is not any safer or able to provide better care than is available at home. Any service provided by the nursing home can be brought into the home. At home, your parent will receive one-on-one care, as opposed to a nursing home where the staff-to-patient ratio is low. Additionally, most people do not want to be put into a nursing home and will be happier and more comfortable in their own home.

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