Geriatric care management

Q: When should we contact you?

A: It is never too early to plan. If you know what the options are, you can begin to plan. When there is a crisis, and things need to be put into place at the last minute, the choices are limited.

Q: Do you work with other professionals?

A: Yes. We work with many doctors in a wide range of specialties. We work with doctors and dentists that make house calls. We work with elder law attorneys and accountants. On a practical level we have a group of plumbers, electricians, house cleaners, organizers and handymen that we have experience working with.

Q: Can you go with my relative to the doctor?

A: Yes. We are available to accompany seniors to the doctor. In the event of an emergency-room visit we can go with them to the ER.

Q: Does the government or private insurance pay for care-management services?

A: Care-management is paid for privately.

Q: How do you charge?

A: We charge by the hour. We send out monthly bills that detail the time spent and the care provided.

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