Welcome to Hearthside

Since 1999, our core goal is to enable older adults to remain in their home safely, with dignity and the most autonomy possible.

We know the challenges you face in caring for an older adult and how it affects your own life, work and family. We also know the challenges that older adults experience. We see our job as helping the older adult AND supporting the family. We share our expertise, opinion and practical advice to families who are often facing frustrating and sometimes very frightening situations which require quick and decisive answers.

We are licensed social workers with years of experience both with the geriatric population and with family and individual psychotherapy.

We have a passion for helping seniors and their families.

We are extremely knowledgeable about services and resources in the New York Metropolitan Area.

We listen, advise and do. We offer you peace of mind.

Our job is helping seniors maintain the highest quality of life with the greatest level of respect and independence. We provide services that encourage and nurture harmony within the entire family.


Hearthside specializes in helping people cope with the challenges of caring for older and physically challenged adults who are becoming less able to care for themselves.

You can trust Hearthside Care Coordinators to be there when you can't.

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